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We’ve all been there. It’s almost 9:00 pm and you’ve just remembered you’ve got an assignment that’s due tomorrow that you haven’t started yet. You’re at the fifth stage in the stages of procrastination, the crisis stage. You’ve already experienced the first four stages: false security – the belief that the assignment isn’t due for a while so you don’t have to worry about it now; laziness – where you feel you should start working but aren’t motivated to do so; excuses – where you come up with ANY excuse possible not to work on your assignment such as having “better” things to do, (better being the operative word); and denial – where you believe you still have enough time despite the fact that the assignment is due in just a short couple of days.

In the current stage of crisis, time seems to be moving quicker while accomplishing little. Panic starts to set in, followed by anxiety and stress. You start to become aware and accepting of the fact that you will probably have to pull an all-nighter accompanied by six cups of straight black coffee or a pack of energy drinks.

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Then you believe that you’ll never procrastinate again, (which face it, probably isn’t true), and the vicious cycle repeats itself.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore, because here are some helpful tips to help you finish an assignment when you’ve only got one day, or one night to do it!

* * * * *

Before you actually start working, try to eliminate all of your distractions or at least the major ones.

Turn off your cellphone.


There’s actually an off button on your cell phone? WOW!

It’s always difficult to turn off your phone. Somehow turning off our phones drives us crazy, so if you absolutely can’t bring yourself to shut off your phone, try these tips instead.

  • If you have any type of phone chatting application, put a status saying ‘don’t message, busy!’ so that people won’t bother you, unless it is an extreme emergency, (which doesn’t include your favourite celebrity being arrested!) thus, eliminating the need to look at your phone as often – if at all.
  • Put your phone on silent and farther than just a reach away from you, eliminating the temptation to check it every second.


Facebook and email are the number one websites your homework hates! The first thing we always say to ourselves when we’re about to start working is: “I’m just going to check my emails really quickly and then I’ll get straight to work!” But a quick email check then turns into an hour and a half of Internet searches that are useless to help you complete your assignment on time.


  • So turn off your twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook and email along with all the other social sites that you are a part of. The best thing to do is to turn off all access to the Internet until you complete your assignment, but sometimes the Internet is necessary for your work. If that’s you, don’t fret.

There’s an APP for that!

  • There is a downloadable application called Self Control where you create a blacklist of sites that will be blocked for a specified amount of time. Plus, the best thing about this application is that it is IRREVERSIBLE! That’s right! You can’t undo it. Shutting off the application, restarting your computer, even deleting the application, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will unblock those sites until the time limit you have set expires.
  • Or try Focusbar, another downloadable application that will display a simple notification to pop up on your screen every so often to remind you to stay on task.


Anyone and everyone can lose focus while working. Your mind wanders when you pause for a moment and 10 minutes later, you realize you’ve just wasted 10 minutes.


To not lose focus,

  • Try setting a “Task Timer” to go off every five or ten minutes or so to remind you to stay on task.
  • If you’re sitting in a room full of distractions, move somewhere with fewer distractions, such as a room with nothing but a table and chairs.

There are also tons of other applications you can download to your computer to help you focus and do your work when you are behind or in a rush to finish, so take advantage of these inventions (but not when you should be doing your work).

* * * * *

Well so far, I’ve given you some suggestions on how to eliminate distractions, but here are some tips on actually getting the assignment done.

Don’t Stop, Just Write

  • Write, write, write! Get down all of your information.


  • Then, edit. You’ll waste more time by writing a sentence and editing it right after than if you write all your information down and then go over it. Plus, sometimes you may have all these good ideas that if you stop and edit every single sentence you write after you write it, you could possibly forget that amazing sentence that will WOW your teachers and yourself.
  • If an idea or sentence comes to you that you want to put in later, write it down now and add it in later. Often you may forget your idea and you’ll waste more time by mulling over it trying to remember.

Don’t Be Ashamed to Ask For Help

  • If you are doing a creative assignment, ask someone to help you out by cutting, colouring or gluing.
  • If you’re doing a writing assignment, get someone to check your work or help you edit. Sometimes you can miss mistakes you’ve made or better clarification you could have included, that a second, fresh pair of eyes will catch.
  • As well, sometimes you can have a hard time getting started and coming up with an idea that a second, unbiased party may be able to help you with. Don’t forget the value of asking for help.

**But remember to do most of the work yourself. **

  • A teacher can always tell when students’ work is not their own so make sure you are doing the work yourself. It is acceptable to ask for help from others but make sure they are not doing the assignment for you.

* * * * *

There you have it, a few tips on how to finish an assignment in one night.

If you find that some of these tips don’t work for you, find what does. These tips may not work for everyone but they can help eliminate some of the major distractions that we face.

Have this list on hand and if you ever find yourself in this situation again, you will now be prepared and ready to tackle the assignment head on!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an assignment due tomorrow that I need to finish!

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— S ♥


down-to-earth daydreamer

While in the midst of applications for summer jobs, internships, and classes requiring applications, portfolios and assignments for classes I’m currently taken and scrolling through my blog trying to find something to post, I’ve realized that I’ve failed to introduce myself!

What you probably already know about me – if anything at all – is from my about page. My name is Sara and I am a third year student studying journalism.

But there is more than just those brief words in my byline.

Firstly, the reason I named my blog down-to-earth daydreamer, after careful consideration and months of trying to settle on a name (I’m actually quite indecisive!) is because I believe myself to be both a daydreamer while also being very down-to-earth.

What I realized, months after starting my blog, was that this name could actually be very relevant about me. while scrolling through Pinterest (which has become a very large past-time of mine) I saw a picture of a chart detailing each zodiac sign and their qualities – air/earth/sun/wind sign, ruling planets, etc. As my birthday falls right on the border of two horoscopes, categorizing myself as both a Libra and a Virgo, I’ll always read both when reading my horoscope. While briefly looking at this chart, I noticed that being a Libra, I am an air sign, and being a Virgo, I am an earth sign, signifying both parts of me and both parts of my blog name “down-to-earth daydreamer”!

I also love to travel and hope one day to travel to all the places I really want to go. I want to revisit Greece and Turkey again and, because my list is so long I’ll just name a few, I also want to see Iceland, Morocco, Belgium and Switzerland.

I am studying Journalism and I hope to one day write for a magazine. A big dream of mine is to one day work for the New York Times.

I also like to dabble a little in cooking, as you may have gleaned from my posts about my adventures in the kitchen.

I am also very tired of this cold weather and am just wishing for summer to come sooner!!

Photo on 12-04-01 at 2.14 PM

More posts from me to come soon,

— S ♥

Adventures in Cooking Part Two

So I had another day off today and felt like cooking dinner again. Usually if I cook dinner, I’ll just make something for me and won’t make anything special but I was in the mood to cook so i decided to go all out again, with another bunch of amazing recipes courtesy of Pinterest.

With no theme in mind this time but pure eagerness to try these recipes, I made a Strawberry Bruschetta Grilled Cheese to start, then Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls as the main, and as a side, I used the leftover vegetables (or rather, I just cut an excess amount) from the steak rolls and made a “Summer Veggie Slaw” with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing. (If you want the recipes to these meals, the links are posted below.) I did make some adjustments to the recipes; adding, changing and omitting some of the ingredients mentioned but everything still turned out great, and I can say with definite certainty that this will not be my last time in the kitchen.

IMG_4099 IMG_4100

If you’d like to try these recipes, click on the links below.

Strawberry Bruschetta Grilled Cheese:

Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls:

Summer Veggie Slaw:

Stay tuned for more recipes I hope to try and other blog posts soon!

Talk soon,

— S ♥

Before I Die, I want to…

Before I Die, I want to… see the Before I Die Wall in Toronto.



If you are not familiar with the project, it is a public chalkboard wall painted on the side of a building where people can write, with chalk, one thing that they wish they could do before they die, anonymously – a public version of your bucket list.

Before I Die is a positive, community-oriented public art project taking place around the world. Each interactive mural transforms a neglected or inactive space into a constructive place where people can share their hopes and dreams.

Created by artist Candy Chang in her New Orleans neighbourhood, the project has expanded to cities across the globe. Taken together, the Before I Die project has captured a snapshot of the values our communities hold dear at this moment in history.

— (Written on a sign posted on the wall)

I have been amazed with this idea ever since I heard of it from Pinterest and when I heard that it was coming to Toronto, I was super excited! The wall in Toronto was put up on the side of a construction site on the corner of Queen and Dufferin, and when I went it was COVERED in writing.


Unfortunately I did not get to see the launch of the wall, but I feel that seeing it a few days later is better. This way, I got to see the “Before I Die” covered in statements, as it was meant to be, rather than clean and just the stenciled background. Plus, I got to add my own!


It was amazing seeing everyones “Before I Die” statement. Some were funny, some were inspirational and some were very creative. A few of my favourites include (and I have tons of pictures to show),

Before I Die, I want to… See gay marriage allowed everywhere
Before I Die, I want to… Watch the Leafs Win the Cup
Before I Die, I want to… Marry Y-O-U
Before I Die, I want to… Choose my favourite parent
Before I Die, I want to… be Batman
Before I Die, I want to… Say YES
Before I Die, I want to… Swim with whale sharks
Before I Die, I want to… Take off the mask because nobody cared before
Before I Die, I want to… Chug Listerine for the thrill
Before I Die, I want to… Create something that lives FOREVER

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I encourage all of you to go see this wall and perhaps even write a statement for yourself. There are tons of walls put up all over the world. Check out the Before I Die website ( to see if there is one in your area, and if not, find out how you can start one.

As well, if you’d like to hear more wall posts put up on the wall in Toronto, follow @beforeidieto on Twitter.

I want to hear your “Before I Die” statement? Comment below.

Before I die, I want to….

Talk soon,
— S 

Do we look like locals!?

That was the tagline of my most recent excursion to New York a few weeks ago. I have been to New York about five times now and each time I go, I go for a different reason (mostly for shopping); I see different things, I experience something different and I can say with as much confidence as I have the last times, that I’ve seen things I’ve never seen before.
Every time I go, I go with my parents and my sister and we drive down from Toronto. This time, we had family from Italy here and so 12 of us piled into a van at 4:30 in the morning and made our way down to New York.
Along with the usual sightings such as Times Square, Ground Zero and the usual shopping session, I’ve seen and gone to places this trip that I haven’t seen yet.

Aspiring to be a writer, I was very excited to see the New York Times building this time (my new goal: to work there for a year!). We didn’t plan on seeing it; we had just gotten out of the subway and was walking towards Times Square when we had passed it. I didn’t get to go in but I did get to take a picture by the doors!

Another new thing I saw this time was the Lilly Pulitzer store, a store that sells “girly” clothes and sorority prints. Being a new member of a sorority this year, I wanted to see the store and hopefully buy something with my sorority print on it, but unfortunately they didn’t have anything with my sorority print on it in their store.


When we went, it happened to be during the Euro Cup Championship and we watched both the Semi-Final and Final games while we were there, and both were action-packed!

We missed some of the Semi-Final match, being on the road but we did get to catch the end in our hotel room! I think the hotel workers were amused by 12 people leaving all our bags in the van and rushing through the front door of the hotel to see if the TV in the lobby was on (which it wasn’t) and at our impatience to check in so that we could go to our room and watch the ending 10 minutes of the game.

The final match between Spain and Italy was also very exciting! We went down to Little Italy to watch the game, so that when Italy won, we’d be right in the middle of the celebration. We watched the game in an Italian restaurant with Spanish servers. Unfortunately, Italy didn’t win but that didn’t stop us and everyone in Little Italy at the time from celebrating! It was a lot of fun and next time, I know Italy will take the cup!

New York is one of the places that I will never get sick of visiting! For either shopping or sightseeing, I know for sure that this time won’t be the last I see NYC.
Talk soon,
— S ♥ 


Stuffed was the theme of my dinner this evening and it wasn’t just the food!
Today was my day off and every so often I like to cook dinner, and when I do, I go all out! The last time I made dinner, it was a Greek theme, complete with an appetizer of Cucumber Feta Rolls, Pork Tenderloin as the main course with two sides of CousCous and Salad and dessert (which wasn’t very Greek but hey, what’s dinner without dessert?)
My sister was off too so we decided to make a day out of it and make dinner together for our parents. She picked out the main course, Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Breast Stuffed with Goat Cheese. I thought that we should make a theme out of it so we created the “Stuffed” theme. With that, I decided to make French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms.
We also needed a vegetable side so I made Baked Zucchini Chips with a Spicy Chipotle Dipping Sauce. Deciding to make the dip a bit too late, after we had already come back from the store, and having few ingredients in the fridge, I made my own version of a chipotle sauce with mayo, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and lime.


After spending all day in the kitchen, I’m actually happy at how it turned out. Everything was delicious and the plates were cleared as if we hadn’t eaten anything at all.

IMG_4033 IMG_4037 IMG_4031
Talk soon,
— S ♥