Adventures in Cooking Part Two

So I had another day off today and felt like cooking dinner again. Usually if I cook dinner, I’ll just make something for me and won’t make anything special but I was in the mood to cook so i decided to go all out again, with another bunch of amazing recipes courtesy of Pinterest.

With no theme in mind this time but pure eagerness to try these recipes, I made a Strawberry Bruschetta Grilled Cheese to start, then Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls as the main, and as a side, I used the leftover vegetables (or rather, I just cut an excess amount) from the steak rolls and made a “Summer Veggie Slaw” with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing. (If you want the recipes to these meals, the links are posted below.) I did make some adjustments to the recipes; adding, changing and omitting some of the ingredients mentioned but everything still turned out great, and I can say with definite certainty that this will not be my last time in the kitchen.

IMG_4099 IMG_4100

If you’d like to try these recipes, click on the links below.

Strawberry Bruschetta Grilled Cheese:

Balsamic Glazed Steak Rolls:

Summer Veggie Slaw:

Stay tuned for more recipes I hope to try and other blog posts soon!

Talk soon,

— S ♥

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